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Let's Work Together

The Goal 2030 sees the economic vision of MENA leaders as a historic opportunity for countries and societies striving to benefit from the fruits of the economic revolution taking place these days in the Middle East. Our company offers business support that includes consulting to and investment in business and institutional entities seeking to operate in these markets. The company offers in-depth research, acquaintance with key factors as well as brand recognition for companies and institutions in MENA countries, mainly in areas related to the common interests of Central Europe with MENA countries - agriculture, energy, and technology for the services and sports sectors. The Goal 2030 helps prepare documents in relevant languages, conduct conversations with key executives and personalities in order to promote businesses and enterprises, identify factors that can help resolve local crises and tailor goals and products to countries, communities and regions with diverse social and economic structures. The company's experience in the Middle East market, along with our familiarity of Central European countries capabilities, produce unique and diverse connections for interested companies and entities.

Market Research and Strategy

Quality market research is not just a description of the state of the market and its economic potential. In-depth market research adapts the company's capabilities to the relevant market and offers a series of clear steps that must be taken in order to succeed in the desired market and sector. We, at The Goal 2030 offer market research that combines market knowledge, evaluation of market potential and above all an in-depth examination of how relevant your company is to the MENA market and which adjustments can be made to in order for your company to be most successful in this unique market.



Advertising in the Arabic language requires familiarity with the media market in the MENA region. The media target audience varies from country to country and from region to region and is even written differently due to the fact that Arabic has a large number of dialects. Furthermore, there is a need to be familiar and understand the subtleties of what is allowed to be said and how to say it. The Goal 2030 offers advertising and branding services of your company in relevant media sources as well as the creation of the appropriate content. We offer a unique package of advertising methods to introduce your product which will create maximum awareness for your company and products.



The Goal 2030 has connections with established financial entities and investment companies seeking to promote economic activity in the MENA region. We view our company as a factor that has the ability to connect interested financial entities and private investors with companies that have proven experience in the European market that seek to integrate their portfolio into the MENA market.



Business activity in the MENA region requires adapting the product to the local market and preparing the staff to the unique needs of customers in the region. The Goal 2030 offers guidance to businesses that seek emphasis and deep understanding regarding the correct manner as well as what is frowned upon during initial meetings with businesses from MENA. Our services include drafting application letters, publishing documents, filling out forms and registering companies. Our consulting services also includes "do's and don'ts" when meeting with potential customers and partners in the MENA region.



Food security is one of the biggest challenges facing MENA countries. In this respect the most natural connection between the EU countries and the MENA states is through a series of initiatives and agreements that will guarantee the EU energy security in exchange for a stable food supply to the MENA region- this is true for both the government and private sectors . We, at The Goal 2030 see these collaborations as an opportunity to increase the exports of Central European countries in exchange for foreign investments of the more established Arab Gulf States and can help with insights and ideas for ventures in the field.



Sport plays an important role in shaping national consciousness in MENA countries. In the coming years, many countries in the region, especially the more affluent among them, will seek to improve the capabilities of the sports leagues and National teams in their territory by recruiting individuals and companies from the European market who have vast knowledge and experience in the field. The Goal 2030 has established connections with influential parties in the Arab sports world combined with our experience in understanding the needs of the sports departments in the more affluent countries in the Arab Gulf. We view this channel as a tool which provides the ability to improve cultural relations between Europe and MENA as well as a springboard for establishing long lasting connections in the business world.

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