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Services tailored for you to succeed in MENA Region.


Azrieli Towers

the goal 2030

our vision

The Goal 2030 believes that in the next decade there will be significant changes of the economic structure in the MENA countries and in the Arab Gulf States in particular. We believe that the quality workforce, experience in fields relevant to industry and the services sector in the countries of the region combined with the status decline of the traditional economic partnerships of MENA countries will strengthen the status of institutions and businesses from Central Europe. The means to improve their status is related to the ability to optimally create brand recognition, adapt products to the local market and understand the full range of sensitivities of the area's residents. We, at The Goal 2030 believe that Central European countries, led by Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania, have a key role to play in the economic evolution taking place in the MENA countries. The quality workforce, low production costs, lack of political tensions and the common interest in diversifying the energy sources of Central European countries in exchange for ensuring the food security of MENA countries, can make Central European countries key partners in realizing the economic vision of the MENA region's leaders.

The company employs PhD graduates with technological business experience and consultants to countries that enjoy decades of experience in the Middle East market. Members of our team speak the languages relevant to the MENA region ​​such as Arabic, Turkish and Persian and have proven ability in risk assessment, negotiation and analysis of Middle Eastern markets. The company's staff has extensive experience in trading energy products, in economic and political consulting to governments and business entities, as well as in advertising companies seeking to operate in the Middle East. The company has a deep familiarity with the sensitivities, emphases and advantages of different sects or regional groups, companies, geographical and religious areas in order to tailor make and find the best opportunities for businesses seeking to operate in these markets and connect them to the relevant consumers.


The Goal 2030 sees the economic vision of MENA leaders as a historic opportunity for countries and societies striving to benefit from the fruits of the economic revolution taking place these days in the Middle East. Our company offers business support that includes consulting to and investment in business and institutional entities seeking to operate in these markets. The company offers in-depth research, acquaintance with key factors as well as brand recognition for companies and institutions in MENA countries, mainly in areas related to the common interests of Central Europe with MENA countries - agriculture, energy, and technology for the services and sports sectors. The Goal 2030 helps prepare documents in relevant languages, conduct conversations with key executives and personalities in order to promote businesses and enterprises, identify factors that can help resolve local crises and tailor goals and products to countries, communities and regions with diverse social and economic structures. The company's experience in the Middle East market, along with our familiarity of Central European countries capabilities, produce unique and diverse connections for interested companies and entities.

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